Jah was born in sweet south of Franklin, Tennessee. His family up rooted when he was young and relocated to the Silicon Valley, Oakland to be exact. The culture in the Bay Area was fast pace and completely different to what he was custom to. "I fell in love with music when I heard E40, B-Legit, Master P, Richie Rich, Short Dog, Luniz, Mac Mall, Loney Calione, Brother Lynch and the realist tycoon Mac Dre!" "To see independent artist hustling hard to build their brand, was amazing to see firsthand!" 

Jah always wanted to be in the entertainment industry but didn't know how and didn't possess the passion to rap or sing. Threw school and the gift of gab to network while sharing his passion to help others, he realizes he could use his god given gift. "I feel like everyone has a special talent, but everyone doesn't have someone to invest in them and that's what I’m passionate about!' "Musicians at Sckrillacon handle the sound, while I open doors to sign lucrative deals." With Jah’s great ear to forecast musical talent and enhancing the artist, along with the brand at Sckrillacon Records, the horizon of success is here!

Dez Brando

Designer/Band Ambassador


For nearly a decade, I’ve immersed myself fully into the Customization Industry. From designing & printing, to software testing & process implementation—I’ve garnered the knowledge, via individual and collective experience, to manage, create and improve on the concept of style. As a Bay Area native, I’m lucky to have grown up in a diverse environment that nurtures such creative expression. I’ve hung with hyphy cats and graffiti punks, skater kids and city hipsters—ultimately developing my own style to represent where I’m from, and how I feel.