Dom P  


Wise Up Studios Las Vegas 

As a young child Dom P remembers his dad playing music 24/7.  Dom P's dad was a former lead drummer in Alabama Birmingham marching band.   

The musical seed was embedded at a young age and the torch was lit.  When he use to play basketball, he could vividly remember putting on his walkman and getting an adrenaline rush from the hip hop beats. After his hoop dreams were over, he realized quickly the ultimate goal was, producing music and running a state of the art studio in San Jose and Vegas.   

Dom P went to music school at Atlanta Metropolitan & Pyramind in San Francisco to develope his diverse sound for all artist. "Zaytoven, Timberland, Kanye, Lex Lugger, 808mafia and Juicy J, inspired my sound and it's time for the world to hear me sonically!"   

"Ynic and Sckrillacon is not a fad, it's a way of life!"