Sckrillacon Records is an international indie label platform forum for the world's viewing.  

Sckrillacon's artist are comprised of business men & women who understand how to market their product to enterprise verticals of all genres of artistry, both small and large (underground and mainstream).  

Sckrillacon originated in the Silicon Valley January 1, 2012 in the technology capital of the World.  Giving their artist control over creativeness, affirmative expression and full artistry.  This business is based on profit margin.  No company works for free and we intend to be compensated and provide a mutually beneficial financial upside to our artist and record executives.  

At Sckrillacon, we love music and respect all who have paved the runways for upcoming artists to fly. "Thank you in advance for taking the time to recognize and respect our artistry.  Now place your head phones on, sit back and let us give you a new frequency you will vibe to, appreciate and enjoy.  It's a new wave and new beginning." (swipe)